Community Transformation

“We believe the Church is the vehicle of God’s glory. Everywhere Christ has been made known the Church has served as the kingdom outpost. The Church is the ordained model for social ministry, community transformation, and individual sanctification. For these reasons we have committed our lives to this purpose: the planting of His Church in areas and among peoples where He has not been known. Romans 15:20-21”
Nathan & Kari Shank, International Mission 
Board, SBC

Community transformation through the Gospel is a partnership with local churches, small groups, businesses and individuals with EveryDay Ministry in order to bring the Gospel to unreached villages through the avenue of humanitarian efforts in Ghana, West Africa. We work alongside Maranatha Power Ministry for follow-up, accountability, and sustainability. Community Transformation through the Gospel is a four year commitment and partnership. We ask for a four year, $30,000 commitment from our CTG partners. The partnership will provide countless opportunities for the Gospel to be proclaimed and lives to be changed. The financial contribution, which can be made as a one time gift, annually, or on a monthly basis, provides the following:

  • Water Well
  • Pole Barn
  • Swing Set and Recreation Equipment
  • Two Grinders
  • Teacher Salary for 2 years
  • Pastor Salary for 2 years
  • Pastor Training
  • Individual Village Needs

Ideally, we ask CTG partners to commit to take a team to Ghana annually to visit their sponsored village. This allows for opportunities for your group to establish relationships with thousands who live in the village that you are partnering to transform. As well as to see first-hand the spiritual growth and fruit as a result of your partnership.

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