Rescue Care

God has opened some incredible doors for us to partner with two different organizations to help rescue and provide long term care for girls who have been held captive in slavery for years.

The Pearl House
We just provided financially for the first month’s care for 7 girls that were rescued off the streets of Accra, Ghana through They opened their doors to  these girls in of July 2013 and EveryDay was there to make a difference as this ministry gets off the ground.

Frankadua Girls Home
We also partner with the Frankadua Girls Home in Ghana. This work has been supported through the Ghanaian Baptist Convention for the past 9 years with miraculous results.  This is a 3 year program in which girls are educated, discipled, provided counsel to heal from the horror of their past, and trained in an occupation to be a business owner upon graduation.

How You Can Help

In addition to praying, you can purchase a rescue kit which will be given to the girls when they are brought into either home.  The kit consists of:  change of clothing, panties, bra, pajamas, school uniform, toiletries and a Bible with a note that reads Welcome to Freedom!  All of this can be provided for a donation of just $45 per girl.

An Occupation Kit can be provided for a donation of $350. The kit consists of the items that each young woman will need to begin their own business as either a seamstress, caterer or hair designer. The kits are given as a graduation gift upon completion of the 3 year program.

We have mission trips throughout the year that always includes a visit to one of the homes.  So it is possible for you to travel with EveryDay to Ghana to visit the girls and specifically the girl that you have provided the rescue kit for!

If you would like to donate to either the rescue kit or occupation kit you can go to GIVE now and in the memo line let us know what your donation is for.